Detroit-based students between the ages of 14 and 17 years old are encouraged to audition on May 4that Marygrove

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Detroit-based students between the ages of 14 and 17 years old are encouraged to audition on Saturday, May 4, 2024 between 10 AM and 6 PM at our homebase located at Marygrove, 8425 W. McNichols Road in Detroit inside the Brownstone room (in the Madame Cadillac building on campus). 

Email [email protected] for a slot. 

Please, prepare two dramatic monologues: one Shakespeare monologue from any play (although, it's always a good idea to use a monologue from the play of focus: Julius Caesar) and one non-Shakespeare play. 

1. My child or student lives in Metro Detroit can they audition? Unfortunately, no. This opportunity is specifically created to supplement the lack of theater arts programming in Detroit schools—standards set by our leadership and in collaboration with our funding partners. 
2. My child or student attends a Detroit charter school, can they audition? Yes, they can. But we do give priority to our high school partners—the schools we work with throughout the academic year, preceding the summer as the conservatory is an extension of Shakespeare STEAM
3. Can I reply to this email to sign-up for an audition slot for my child or student? No, please, reach out to [email protected] for a 5-minute slot and to learn more. 
4. If my student is not interested in an acting opportunity but wants to focus on behind-the-scenes opportunities like learning the technical aspects of live theater and working as crew, can they apply for a role in the Summer 2024 conservatory? Yes, email [email protected] for more information. 
5. Does every student receive a scholarship? Yes, scholarships are given to each student at $1,000 per student (minimum)
6. What is the schedule for conservatory? Tuesday through Friday from 9AM to 3:30 PM beginning in July through August. Please, email [email protected] for more information. 
7. Why haven't you posted auditions yet on your website? We are letting you know first because you signed up for our newsletter. The auditions will be posted in the next few days on our website as well. You are the first to know and you can be the first to sign up your child or student! 
8. Does my child need acting or theater experience to audition for the summer conservatory? No. If they have a supportive family (to help them memorize lines, make sure they arrive each day for the classes and rehearsals, including letting Shakespeare in Detroit know if the student needs transportation support i.e. a fuel stipend for qualifying families), if they have a passion for learning and are eager to get to know more about live performance, they will do well in the program. 
9. What is Julius Caesar about? May I have a summary of the play? Check out this scene-by-scene plot breakdown from the Royal Shakespeare Company HERE.
10. How can I learn more about Julius Caesar? Shakespeare's plays are all open sourced. You can find full plays online, watch videos on YouTube, borrow the plays from the library or get them from a bookstore. We recommend this resource from the Royal Shakespeare Company for teachers HERE.