Murals across the city of Detroit

Detroit Mural City

See why Detroit is one of the top 10 cities in the country for street art. View Detroit's new mural map.



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Arts Alleys

The City of Detroit has a new initiative to partner with residents to transform commercial and residential alleys in nine neighborhoods across the city into beautiful community gathering spaces. The City wants these to be places where residents can exhibit and experience art. The project, called the Arts Alley Initiative, is part of Mayor Mike Duggan's Blight to Beauty campaign. See the alleys.



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The art show is a celebration of pop culture and its impact on society.

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Ford Motor Company's Michigan Central Innovation District in Detroit is launching a new program t

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THE ANNOUNCEMENT: You all have been waiting for...

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We might intrinsically know that engaging with and making art is good for us in some way.

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Detroit’s newest summer festival will honor one of Motown’s greats.

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