His 'street contemporary' work is on display at Troy’s Somerset Collection.

Lacey Holmes
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Artist Tony Whlgn makes being a hooligan fashionable — and fun

Tony Whlgn is leading with love. He also, apparently, doesn’t like vowels. Whlgn is pronounced “hooligan,” a title the Detroit-bred artist wears like a badge of honor. 

“I do what I love and love what I do… it’s as simple as that,” he tells us. 

Earlier this month, Whlgn completed a mural, "All I See Is You & I," inside Neiman Marcus at Troy’s Somerset Collection. His exuberant and playful characters permanently fill the walls above an escalator with the message “leading with love.” Along with the mural, Whlgn has several paintings that are on display as part of Neiman Marcus’ private art collection.