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Qasim Basir's film is a stunningly beautiful love letter to Detroit.

Lacey Holmes
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Wayne State University alum Qasim Basir, who was raised in Detroit and Ann Arbor, is bringing his luminous new movie, “To Live and Die and Live,” to the Sundance Film Festival showcase for independent films.  Set and shot in Detroit, the powerful drama is described on the official Sundance website as a "stunningly beautiful love letter to Detroit."

To Live and Die and Live

Muhammad, a strong, handsome Hollywood film director, makes his way through the gorgeous and alluring landscapes of a rebuilt Detroit — the glistening legacy of his newly deceased stepfather Khalid, a beloved and highly regarded building contractor. Muhammad has returned for the funeral, but his own battle with addiction, which he hides from the world, drives him to immediately fade away into the sultry, late-night, drug-saturated after-hours of Detroit and an equally intoxicating romantic relationship. As he struggles to cope, Muhammad’s family and friends look to him as a leader and provider, and he forges ahead shouldering all of their needs, claiming he's got this, even though it’s a lot — maybe too much.