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Detroit ACE takes women from around the globe on a tour of Detroit's iconic murals

Lacey Holmes
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The City of Detroit's Office of Arts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship(Detroit ACE) provided a special excursion to attendants of the International Women's Forum(IWF) during the Organizations September 2023 Detroit Conference.  The conference, for the first time held in Detroit, was attended by over 700 professional women from around the world.   

Rochelle Riley, City of Detroit Director of Arts and Culture, and IWF member and Lacey Holmes, Project Manager for Detroit ACE took IWF attendees on a bus tour of 4 of Detroit's iconic murals.  On the tour attendees had the unique opportunity to meet the artists at two of the mural sites, Waleed Johnson, artist of the The Spirit mural located at 3535 Van Dyke and Dr. Hubert Massey, artist of the Stellantis Mural, the largest in Michigan.