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50 Custom Turntables to be Released to the Public on August 11th

Lacey Holmes
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In celebration of the day that Hip-Hop transformed the turntable into an instrument, Nick Speed is releasing his latest art piece, a portable record player entitled, 'Nix Electronix, HH-50'. Each customized record player, a series of 50 Limited Edition hand-numbered and autographed units, represents a year of Hip-Hop between 1973 and 2023. Each record player is a unique, one-of-one item. This will be a historic release as this is a first; no Hip-Hop artist in the last 50 years of the genre has independently started their own record player company.

The debut series will be released to the public on Friday, August 11, 2023, on the official 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop. It was on that very day in 1973, that DJ Kool Herc threw the first documented Hip-Hop party in The Bronx, New York. For the first time, Herc debuted his "merry-go-round" DJ technique, where he focused on playing the drum break section of all of the songs in his playlist for the night, marking the night that Hip-Hop culture was born.

Following in the success of Beats By Dre, Speed is the next platinum Hip-Hop producer taking music enjoyment to another level. Nick Speed has worked with the most influential artists ranging from 50 Cent, Pusha T, Snoop Dogg, Big Sean, Quavo, B-Real, Juan Atkins, and Danny Brown, among others.

Inspired to make it easier for his fans and supporters to enjoy and listen to his independent vinyl record-only releases, he has created a custom, coffee table-size record player, so anyone can enjoy collecting and playing records. This record player allows listeners to enjoy the sounds of vinyl records anywhere. His lightweight portable record player, 'HH-50,' frees the listener to not only be limited to being at home to enjoy vinyl. It allows vinyl records to be enjoyed anywhere; take your favorites with you on the go- camping, on beaches or rooftops, and even coffee shops.This innovative record player also can even digitize your vinyl on USB flash drives or SD cards without a computer.

Hip-Hop is currently the most popular music genre in the world. Vinyl records are more popular than ever: a new report found that vinyl record sales continued their more than decade-long growth in 2022, and for the first time in more than three decades, outsold CD sales. In 2022, 41 million vinyl units were sold- compared to 33 million CDs, highlighting a "remarkable resurgence" of the physical music format. Per the most recent report, vinyl records make up a total of 70% of all physical music sales in 2022, bringing in $1.2 billion in revenue, according to RIAA.