BLKOUT Walls artists and panelist discuss how technology shapes the future of street art in Detroit.

Lacey Holmes
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Detroit is renowned for its rich history of street art, with numerous neighborhoods adorned with some of the most imaginative murals and installations of any city in the country. Street art has become a significant draw in recent years, offering a unique and authentic entry into Detroit's cultural and creative landscape. It has benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal, acting as a catalyst for urban exploration and fosters citywide economic development. Detroit's street art also attracts global visitors, boosting tourism, invigorating its local economy, and creating positive cultural ripple effect.

With the continuous advancement of technology, street art in Detroit can have an even more significant impact, amplifying its role as a catalyst for urban exploration and economic development

During this panel, we'll be exploring the following questions & more:

  • How has the street art scene in Detroit evolved over the years? What role has technology played in this evolution?
  • What is the economic impact of the street art scene in Detroit, especially in terms of tourism and local business growth?
  • How has the combination of street art and technology influenced the way locals and tourists explore Detroit?

Meet the panel

The moderator

Ralph Andre - Co-founder of CANVS Street