photo of Jon Harris with Critical Race Theory painting

"Critical Race Theory," Artist Jonathan Harris will receive a visit from the Second Deputy Prime Minister of Spain.

Lacey Holmes
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Jonathan Harris made global news in 2022 when the world reveled in his painting “Critical Race Theory,” which depicted a white woman whitewashing a painting of prominent black people including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The young artist, who was named one of 2022's Influential Artists to Watch by the Detroit News and was honored with The Spirit of Detroit Award by the Detroit City Council of Detroit, caught someone else’s attention as well: Yolanda Díaz Pérez, the Second Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Labour and Social Economy of Spain.

Ms. Pérez will plan to stop by Harris’ studio at 3:30 p.m. today (Feb. 27), where he will showcase his art and give her a sneak peek at several works in progress.

The Pérez delegation will spend 90 minutes with Harris at his studio where they will learn more about his artistic journey where he continues to captivate audiences and drive meaningful conversations, solidifying his position as a vital voice within the contemporary art scene.

The visit is the latest for the emerging artist who honed his skills at the Detroit School for the Fine and Performing Arts before pursuing Graphic Design at Henry Ford Community College and Studio Art at Oakland University.

He says his art “reflects his emotive connection to current events and the African American

Experience” and through his work, he seeks to raise awareness of social and global issues while fostering a sense of pride within the Black community.

Notably, "Critical Race Theory," a response to recent controversies, ignited widespread dialogue on social media platforms worldwide about efforts to erase Black history and ban books about African Americans.

Click the image below to see Rochelle Riley, Director of Arts and Culture interview Jon Harris.