Zoom meeting with Che Pope

Che Pope held conversation with local artists, announced that has found future stars

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Grammy-award winning producer who joined Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Rocket Cos., to launch is the music-based, lifestyle company WRKSHP here in Detroit, spoke to Detroit artists in January in a frank discussion about the future he hopes to help create for artists. 

WRKSHP plans to offer comprehensive services for artists to launch their careers, develop spinoff passion projects, create art with transparency, and be a part of something bigger than just music – and Pope said he already has found some artists to champion. “Instead of signing artists to these ‘360-degree’ deals, WRKSHP will partner with and educate creatives so they profit share from revenues derived from their intellectual property and most effectively monetize their art,” Pope, who will serve as CEO, said in news reports. Pope said he wants to disrupt the music industry. WRKSHP plans to treat artists as more than performers by helping them establish themselves as brands. The announcement came on the 63rd anniversary of Motown Records being formed by Berry Gordy with an $800 loan from his family. Watch his conversation.