City and Community leaders announce four new Arts Alleys in the Blight-to-Beauty initiative.

Lacey Holmes
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In case you missed it! Watch the Neighborhood-based press conference to announce four new Arts Alley locations, where alleys will be intentionally designed and redeveloped into unique community gathering spaces and centers of activity. New locations, which will include the city’s first Agri-Arts Alley, will be located in the North End, Airport Subdivision, Jefferson Chalmers and McDougall-Hunt neighborhoods.

The new alleys join Phase I Alleys being built in the Old Redford, Schulze, Jefferson Chalmers, Northwest Goldberg and Southwest Detroit neighborhoods. Construction on the Phase I alleys is expected to begin this summer.

The Arts Alley Initiative’s objectives are to:

  • Spur neighborhood revitalization
  • Mitigate localized flooding through low-cost stormwater management strategies.
  • Create opportunities for the creative workforce
  • Highlight neighborhood creativity